Wednesday / May 18, 2016

20:00              WFNS Faculty dinner

Thursday / May 19, 2016

09:00-09:30     Welcome Addresses
                      Professor Helmut Bertalanffy, Co-Chairman, WFNC Education & Training Committee
                      Professor Concezio Di Rocco, Co-Chairman, WFNC Education & Training Committee
                      Professor Marin Marinov, President of the Bulgarian Society of Neurosurgery
                      Professor Krešimir Rotim, SeENS President
                      Professor Yavor Enchev, WFNS Course Coordinator

09:30-11:00     Section I (L1 - L4)
                      Chairmen: Prof. H. Bertalanffy & Prof. K. Rotim
                      L1 Surgical approaches for the posterior fossa. Prof. St. Florian
                      L2 Intraoperative imaging in brain tumors surgery. Prof. V. Gerganov
                      L3 Indications for surgery in brainstem gliomas. Prof. H. Bertalanffy
                      L4 Pineal region tumors - surgical approaches. Prof. N. Gabrovsky

11:00-11:30    Coffee break

11:30-12:30     Section II (L5 - L8)
                      Chairmen: Prof. C. Di Rocco & Prof. M. Marinov
                      L5 Management of pineal lesions. Prof. T. Sajko
                      L6 Management of brainstem cavernomas. Prof. H. Bertalanffy
                      L7 Facial nerve preservation in CPA tumors surgery. Prof. V. Gerganov
                      L8 How to write a neurosurgical scientific paper?Prof. H. Bertalanffy

12:30-14:00    Lunch

14:00-16:00     Section III (L9 - L13)
                      Chairmen: Prof. V. Chiurea, Prof. M. Choux & Prof. V. Gerganov
                      L9 Management of pituitary adenomas. Prof. M. Marinov
                      L10 Head injuries in infants and toodlers, clinical status, neuroimaging, diagnostics,
                      management, follow-up and global outcome. Prof. V. Chiurea
                      L11 Endoscopic assisted management of intraventricular tumors. Prof. K. Rotim
                      L12 Medulloblastoma: what we have learned in the last twenty years. Prof. M. Choux
                      L13 Epidermoids and cyst like lesions in the posterior fossa. Prof. S. Florian

16:00-16:30    Coffee break

16:30-18:00    Section IV (L14 - L17)
                     Chairmen: Prof. St. Florian, Prof. T. Sajko & Prof. N. Gabrovsky
                     L14 Tumors of the Lateral Ventricles at the pediatric age. Prof. M. Choux
                     L15 Pineal region tumors (136 cases). Prof. T. Fukushima
                     L16 CNS Infection: Surgical aspects Prof. M. Choux
                     L17 Craniopharyngioma - children versus adults - Quality of Life (QoL) and global outcome
                     (GKS included). Prof. V. Chiurea

20:00             Welcome reception


Friday / May 20, 2016

09:00-10:30     Section V (L18 – L21)
                      Chairmen: Prof. L. Rasulic & Prof. Y. Enchev
                      L18 Combined petrosal approach for parabrainstem tumors (3300 cases). Prof. T. Fukushima
                      L19 Supraorbital lateral approach. Prof. J. Rzaev
                      L20 Hearing preservation in 2000 cases of acoustic neuroma surgery. Prof. T. Fukushima
                      L21 Endoscopic approach to orbit and orbital decompression. Prof. W. Tirakotai

10:30-11:00    Coffee break

11:00-12:30    Section VI (L22 - L25)
                     Chairmen: Prof. T. Fukushima & Prof. F. Acar
                     L22 Surgical treatment of injuries of the peripheral nerves in children. Prof. L. Rasulic
                     L23 Basic principles in preoperative evaluation and surgical treatment in pediatric peripheral nerve
                     surgery. Prof. St. Ferraresi
                     L24 Management of peripheral nerve sheath tumors in children. Prof. L. Rasulic
                     L25 Obstetrical brachial plexus palsy: basic consideration, evaluation and surgical repair.
                     Prof. St. Ferraresi

12:30-14:00    Lunch

14:00-16:00    Section VII (L26 - L30)
                     Chairmen: Prof. A. Kim & Prof. W. Tirakotai
                     L26 Management of complex craniosynostosis. Prof. C. Di Rocco
                     L27 Chiari malformation. Prof. A. Kim
                     L28 Management of lipomyelomeningocele. Prof. C. Di Rocco
                     L29 Intraoperative ultrasonography in lumbar spinal stenosis. Prof. Y. Enchev
                     L30 Carotid endarterectomy with non-shunt technique. Prof. W. Tirakotai

16:00-16:30    Coffee break

16:30-18:00    Section VIII (L31 - L34)
                     Chairmen: Prof. J. Rzaev & Prof. St. Ferraresi
                     L31 Shunt complications. Prof. A. Kim
                     L32 Targets in Parkinson's deep brain stimulation. Prof. F. Acar
                     L33 Surgical treatment of different kinds facial pain. Prof. J. Rzaev
                     L34 Extratemporal epilepsy surgery. Prof. F. Acar

20:00             Gala Dinner (Closing Remarks)

Saturday / May 21, 2016

10:00-16:00    Excursion

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